July 2013 Newsletter Session Overview

2013 Opening Session-Update

The program has changed its method of invitation for the opening session to an electronic form with the goal of reaching more of its alumni, and faciliting the rsvp.  The Evite to the 2013-14 opening session will be sent in the beginning of July via email to both business and work email addresses. The session will be held at the National Press Club, on September 9th, 2013. This year’s session will feature guest speaker Michèle Flournoy,  Co-Chair of  the Board of Directors of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) and a Senior adviser at the Boston Consulting Group.  She  served as the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from February 2009 to February 2012.  She was the principal adviser to the Secretary of Defense in the formulation of national security and defense policy, oversight of military plans and operations, and in National Security Council deliberations.  The topic of discussion for the keynote address will be “Rethinking our Defense Priorities in an Era of Austerity.”


Structural Changes at the Opening Session

As a result of the government fiscal crunch and the increasing  number of alumni, we have made some changes to the structure of the opening session starting this year.
  •  The electronic invitation will have a link for the RSVP.
  •  You will be prompted to pay a nominal fee of $35 for
      your reservation when you rsvp.
  •  There will be no refunds for those unable to attend.
  •  Drinks will be served at a full cash bar.

We have three reasons for these changes: First,  the alumni base has grown and more of you want to attend the session, so we are increasing the attendance from 250 to 350. However, to keep the cost down, we are asking for you to help us defray part of the increased cost. Second, for several years we have had too many literally last minute cancellations or no-shows, which has made it difficult for us to contact people on the waiting list. We hope that charging this nominal fee will help reduce this problem. Third, given the new era of budgetary austerity that we have entered, we think it appropriate to ask the alumni to help us defray part of the cost of the evening.
This decision was made in full consultation with the members of the Alumni Board and fully supported by them.
We feel that this opening meeting is crucial to keep contact with the alumni and to introduce the new class.

Update Your Profile

The invitation for the 2013 Introductory session and other program updates will be sent electronically this year. Please update your profile with us to ensure that you receive future communications. To update your information electronically go to our web page http://semxxi.mit.edu/directory-update or click on the icon below.

Keeping in Touch

Meet other alumni/ae, post announcements and share events as a means to continue dialogue outside of our sessions. Visit the MIT Seminar XXI group on LinkedIn.